August 17, 2018

Your Celestial Birth Certificate

What a different world it would be if each child, along with their birth certificate, were given their birth chart and then taught what it means. We are ALL, each and every single one of us, a magnificent creation designed with a higher purpose. There is a Spiritual essence that is simply everywhere…. and the little “spark” that ignited with our first breath… happened within the essence of that Spirit, we are a part of it.
The “birth chart” is a snapshot of where each planet was at the moment of your first breath. It’s like your very own person “stamp” in the Universe. The only one like it now… or ever. And what it says about you is astonishing. It’s an absolutely amazing awareness. They say it would take 25,000 years for your personal birth chart to be repeated. I say, it can’t ever be. Either way… you truly are one of a kind.

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