August 17, 2018

Yellowstone and The Eclipse

Here we go folks. Just stay aware as these planets move into place and we begin the journey to the 2nd (of three) eclipses on the 27th. This one is incredibly powerful and will last for a whopping “103” minutes (say what?I) which will make it the longest eclipse of the Century! As it unfolds and we see how it affects the planet, be aware that you too are a part of this planet, and will be affected as well. We can look to our charts to see where this is happening for us personally but not everyone has access to their chart as well as some people don’t yet see the significance of true Astrology, so my best advice over these next several weeks is to remain aware and take it loooooow and slooooow. Don’t make any major decisions during this eclipse season as all the information we need to make solid choices will be “hidden” from us… for a bit. 
Don’t show up to the arguments you’re invited to, be aware that most people aren’t aware (like you are) and cut them some slack, as well as yourself. There’s always a lot of fear mongers during times like this, just ignore them! The world is not coming to an end (for the millionth time) it’s simply the planets interacting with each other… as they’ve always done.
There’s a “plethora” (love that word) of information out there to keep us all aware and safe as this unfolds. Check out “Dutchsinse” on youtube as he has a great system to keep everyone up to date on earthquake and volcanic activity while we go through this. In fact he warned of Yellowstone showing activity just within the last few days so he’s really worth checking into if you want to keep up with all of this as if unfolds. 😎
Being aware of these things happening is not negativity, anymore than the weather man predicting a Blizzard is being negative. This is just a healthy awareness of what’s going on with the planets in our solar system and how it affects us here on Earth.
The next 9/10 days are going to prove quite interesting indeed. ❤️

On a side note: Did I mention that Mercury (planet of communication) is going to go retrograde the day before the eclipse? Ohhh yeah… ramping up the WTH meter now! (to be cont…)

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