July 18, 2018

Volcano Weather on High… ENTER MARS!

Update for anyone interested and of course “Astro Nerds”: I realize this is a bit “technical” BUT, I kept it as short as I could and hopefully very interesting for those who want to know WTH is going ON?!
Something powerful happens when Uranus passes over the Zero degree mark (from one sign to another) in the Zodiacal belt surrounding the earth. Although I haven’t studied all of them, I have found some pretty cool similarities in a few that I thought you all might like to see.
Someone had commented that this particular Volcano activity in Hawaii reminded them of the eruption of 1955 so I decided to check out the chart to see if it showed similarities. I had already found them with Japan’s horrific events of 2011, so when I found them with 1955 I just had to share it.
Here are the three different charts for each of the events (1955, Japan and Hawaii today). The obvious connection they share is that each one has Uranus crossing over a Zero Degree mark. It takes Uranus approximately 8 years to even “get” to a Z-Mark in order to pass over it, let alone share it with these other two events.The odds must be astronomical. But what’s even cooler is how similar they are in their dissimilarities (biggest word to date!)
Hopefully I can explain and you’ll want to keep your eyes on the events of the next 24 hours.
So the chart on the left is current events in Hawaii, the chart in the upper right corner is Japan (earthquake/tsunami if March of 2011) and the chart at the bottom right is the Hawaiian volcano eruption of August 1955. I circled all three Uranus’s on the charts so you could see where each was crossing their zero degree marks at the time of the quakes, eruptions and tsunamis.
Japan’s Uranus was moving from Pisces to Aries (Water to Fire) which would have “amped” up that Uranus energy with the fire element at the time of the quake.
The Volcano of 1955 had the same elemental structure “Water to Fire” (Cancer to Leo) and it’s my understanding was quite impressive also (nothing like Japan of course).
Now check out what’s happening today. Uranus is crossing the Zero degree mark BUT instead of going from water to fire, he’s going from “Fire to Earth” (Aries into Taurus) so it doesn’t have the same oomph (my favorite techi term) that the other two did…. or does it!?
When Japan had her earthquake, it wasn’t just Uranus that was involved but Neptune as well, Neptune and the Moon (moon sits up there looking all innocent and such.. uh huh). Neptune (the planet that rules water) passed over her own Zero degree Mark at the same time as Uranus, then squared the Moon (another water element) who was ALSO passing a Zero degree mark… that’s insanely HUGE!!!! And we saw it reflected in a Massive tsunami. (The chances of those three zero degree marks coming together like that boggles my mind… truly)
You can’t underestimate the importance of the surrounding planets and what they bring to the table as well. Although our current Uranus position is moving from Fire to Earth (which I am personally thrilled about), Just after midnight tonight @ 12:03 (Phx) and 3:03am (NY) MARS (The head honcho of FIRE) will pass over his own Zero degree mark and square Uranus head on! Ohhhhhh boy… here we go!
I would assume that with Uranus now being in an Earth sign it might not be as drastic as if it was still in fire… but I don’t know that for sure (he’s just barely into earthy energy). What I do know is the next 24 hours will be interesting to watch unfold.
If you’ve made it this far… you really ARE a nerd aren’t you!?


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