July 18, 2018

Volcano Watch

For Astrology Nerds (or those just curious): Uranus rules Earthquakes and Volcanoes, while Mars rules explosions. Clearly, they are very active at the moment. As we move into the coming 1-5-7 days and Uranus crosses over that Zero degree mark of Taurus and is then squared by Mars (explosive conversation) I thought it might be interesting to watch what happens with the Volcano in Hawaii and how the eruption coincides with these significant celestial events. I’m going to put the times below for the nerds to watch for but before I do let me say that none of us “wants” this to happen, right? But I don’t see how it can not happen with the celestial intensity that’s building. I read this week that without Volcanoes erupting the Earth would explode. I don’t know if it’s true but it gave me a little peace. They are a natural occurrence and fortunately, the beautiful people of Hawaii are very respectful of “Pele – The Fire Goddess” who they know, and will tell you, belongs to her. So here are the times to watch for: Uranus crosses over the Zero degree mark of Taurus on Tuesday the 15th @ 5:23am (HAWAII) / 8:23am (PHX) and 11:23am (NY). Mars will then cross over the Zero degree mark of Aquarius and square Uranus later that evening in Hawaii at 9:03pm but will be the following morning for those of us on the mainland, 0:03am (PHX) / 3:03am (NY).

So let’s see how this plays out shall we? One of the things about Uranus energy is just when you think you understand how it’s going to play out… it “shocks” you with the way it actually does play out, so it really is a time for waiting, watching and taking notes.

Naturally, I pray for all the people (and animals) that are affected by this. I pray for their safety and peace during such a disruptive time.

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