August 17, 2018

Uranus: Shaking Things Up

Hi All… I’ve been a bit busy but have been watching with a keen eye and ear all the activities that are beginning to unfold as Uranus gets closer to that zero degree mark of Taurus. This truly is a HUGE event for all of us (even if you don’t follow astrology or astronomy). It’s the single largest event of our lifetime and certainly of this year (and we only have 11 days left!) That’s crazy to me as I’ve been studying this upcoming transit for a couple of years now… and it’s only 11 days away! Yikes?!
On the 15th Uranus will be what we call “exact” (meaning he’s at the most powerful point of the transit and then, within 16 hours of that, Mars will hit his own zero degree mark and they will “butt heads” so to speak. It will prove for some interesting experiences for all of us.
The activity in Hawaii (I think they’ve had over 70, yes 70, earthquakes within the last several days is classic Uranus activity. Uranus is the planet of shock and surprise. He rules lightening, earthquakes and believe it or not revolution and change (also Awakenings). This is a whole new era we’re moving into and I’m really excited about it and look forward to it. However, the next several weeks may get a little “bumpy” while this shift takes place BUT we can handle it yes? Just be aware of your surroundings and act with a little more consciousness. As Mars moves to square this mighty orb on the 16th we might see tempers flare or even feel your own flare, and it could escalate quickly (because that’s how Uranus rolls) so lay low while this change takes place and use the energy for something positive. With Mars being this active getting the garage cleaned out will be easy peasy!
Being “aware” of what’s taking place will help immensely and also understanding that the guy flipping you off in the next lane over doesn’t get it… will help you to just let it go and let him pass… right? (I’m talking to myself as well lol).

I have a huge project I’ve been working on behind the scenes and I just haven’t had time to post (anywhere) but I’m here if anyone needs to talk or chat about this as it unfolds.

At the very least keep your eye out for the week of May 15th. Some astrologers say give 5 days either side of when it goes exact, and I think that’s a pretty good rule (heck I’m already watching) but for sure, the 15th and 16th will most likely show us what they’re up to.
For the record, the rest of the month shows some sweet aspects happening. We have a magnificent Jupiter/Neptune conversation that is Spiritual in nature. Whatever or wherever you find yourself Spiritually connected, yoga meditation prayer etc this month, with just a little effort you can find yourself feeling deeply connected, loved and at peace. Seriously, this will be exact on the 25th but is building now. Light a candle, say a prayer and bask in the glow. It’s there for the taking.

Actividad Sismica USGS – Seismic activity
M 6.9 – 16km SW of Leilani Estates, Hawaii, 2018-05-04 22:32:55 UTC, 5.0 km depth.…/eventpage/us1000dyad… … This is in almost exactly the same location at the deadly 1975 M 7.1 earthquake.

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