August 17, 2018

South Node Lunar Eclipse…Releasing The Past with Love

Tomorrow’s Eclipse is happening on what we call the “South Node” of the Moon. The North Node is the future, the South Node is the past. On a normal day when the South Node is activated (at least once a month) we tend to think about things from the past or, people from our past will show up out of nowhere and we’re like “Ohmygosh I was JUST thinking about you!” We’ve all had that experience right?
Well this is no ordinary Moon, it’s sort of like the past on steroids (in a way). Most of us have already been feeling the tug of the past for a while now yes? The “coulda, woulda, shouldas” regrets, wishes, lost loves, missed opportunities, past hurts, on and on it goes, but the important thing to remember while under the influence of this amazingly intense Eclipse is that it wants us to clean all that up. It’s dredging things up that need to be released so we can move forward. We have 5 planets in retrograde at the moment so everything feels stalled, because it is. But guess who else is retrograde? The North Node. That’s because this is not about the future (yet) it’s about the past and letting go of what no longer serves your higher purpose. It’s about making peace with who you are, what you want, and where you’re heading.
In a few weeks time we’re going to have the third of this trio of Eclipses and THAT one is all about New Beginnings (and the North Node will be direct). See how this works?
So take advantage of this wild crazy energy while it’s here and let the Universe help you heal what needs to be healed so you can then really enjoy the New Beginnings, that are right around the corner.

And this is only “one” aspect of this Eclipse… crazy yes?

On a side note: I have this thing I do when memories pop in unexpected…I say a little prayer for the memory, ask for it to be healed, and release it with Love… It works every time.



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