August 17, 2018

South Node Eclipse… the past is back!

The Moon is eclipsing over the South Node later this week, the past is back. Memories of times gone by, people we haven’t seen in forever, people we’ve hurt, people who have hurt us, those we’ve lost, past guilts, happy times, sad times and maybe even actual people from the past showing up, are all possibilities. However it presents itself to you, know that only that which needs healing… is coming back. This is a powerful eclipse and we’re likely to experience powerful feelings but keep in mind, nothing ever really is as it seems under the influence of an eclipse, especially this one.
Try to be kind, generous and forgiving with yourself, and trust the process…. this too shall pass.

The eclipse will be exact on Friday the 27th @ 1:20pm Phx / 4:20pm NY

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