On a Side Note: Scorpio

All signs have a higher and lower expression and on any given day, with any given transit, we can choose which way we want to experience the transit. The key is knowing it's there for the choosing (knowledge is indeed...

Yellowstone and The Eclipse

Here we go folks. Just stay aware as these planets move into place and we begin the journey to the 2nd (of three) eclipses on the 27th. This one is incredibly powerful and will last for a whopping "103" minutes (say what?I) which will make it the longest eclipse of...

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Gemini by Lea Kennedy

For all you fabulous Gemini’s out there... there’s just SO much to know, learn and understand isn’t there!?! You may actually have to spread it out over 3 lifetimes... just sayin. 😘  ...

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Monkey Madness

Something you might find yourself doing under a Mars squaring your Moon aspect. The transit itself will pass within 48 hours but the sh*t you do while under the influence might take a weeee bit longer. (especially.... if Mars happens to be in Leo Yes?!)   ...

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Cherry Picking Details

As the Moon moves through the earthy sign of Virgo (thru tuesday) expect to feel more grounded and detail oriented. It will also pass over Venus while there so not only will we "feel" more like taking care of the little details... we'll really enjoy it! So if you've...

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The Eye of The Storm

Whether it's an earthly storm or one of the Celestial variety, The Eye of The Storm can always be found within. Namaste little grasshoppers (giving my era away yes?)   ...

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Eclipsing Kilauea by Lea Kennedy

Look how Kilauea is collapsing in on itself! Absolutely stunning to witness yes? Starting next weekend (21st/22nd), the pressure will really begin to sharpen as the Moon "turns the corner" so to speak, and begins to head toward her 2nd eclipse phase on the 27th "right...

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The Fifth after The Fourth

Happy Thursday... it's Thursday right?  Holidays in the middle of the week should automatically come with an extra day tagged on.. you know... a day before to get ready for the day of? ❤🌹  ...

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Angel Feathers and Neptune?

"Feathers are a sign... your Angels are near" It's true! Ask them to show you, then sit back and watch the show.I asked them once, and that very day while on a walk... a feather came spiraling down from the sky right. in. front. of. me! It must have just fallen off a...

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Moon Baths

We have a beautiful Full Moon in Capricorn tonight. Remember to put your crystals out in the light of the Full Moon to recharge them. I always thought this was a silly practice until I tried it and noticed how much my crystals changed. They were brighter, sparklier...

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Mercury AND the Sun in Gemini…. Yikes!

God bless all of those who have Gemini's in their life or those with strong Gemini placements because this coming week we're going to see a "Spike" in the chitter chatter department! Mercury (Gemini's ruler) is in Gemini and will conjunct the Sun next week on the 6th....

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Volcano Weather on High… ENTER MARS!

Update for anyone interested and of course "Astro Nerds": I realize this is a bit "technical" BUT, I kept it as short as I could and hopefully very interesting for those who want to know WTH is going ON?! Something powerful happens when Uranus passes over the Zero...

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“Stepping into Your Power”

"Stepping into your Power" (new buzz phrase) isn't always easy when you have a world around you that expects you to "fit in" yes? Heck most of us go through life not even knowing where our own personal "power button" IS, let alone how to engage it! BUT wherever you...

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Today’s Moon Forecast

Moon in Pisces

crescent moon buttonPisces sign glyph symbol

Moon is traveling through Pisces today. You may feel disconnected. Serve others. Listen to music. Paint a picture. Daydream.

Current Planetary Positions

Sun 27° Libra 42' 20"
Moon 16° Pisces 00' 54"
Mercury 16° Scorpio 34' 22"
Venus 06° Scorpio 18' 43" R
Mars 15° Aquarius 15' 34"
Jupiter 26° Scorpio 04' 03"
Saturn 04° Capricorn 07' 27"
Uranus 00° Taurus 40' 24" R
Neptune 14° Pisces 01' 27" R
Pluto 18° Capricorn 51' 24"
Chiron 28° Pisces 55' 32" R
TrueNode 02° Leo 01' 14" R

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