August 17, 2018

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (for Nerdy Nerds)

Nerdy Nerd Alert: I’ve been following three different sites for earthquake and volcanic activity (USGS, VolcanoYT and Dutchsinse) through this Eclipse process because I’m absolutely taken with being able to “see” how our earth is responding to these planets as they move into position and it’s really amazing. Earthquake activity has picked up quite a bit in the last 24-48 hours. The earth is experiencing a lot of 4.0’s and 5.0’s (and higher). There are a lot more “swarms” which are clusters of little quakes going on and areas that have been quiet, are now moving around a bit. It’s like the Earth is moving, moaning, stretching and creaking (like me when I wake after a long nights sleep 😁) as these planets move through this transit they’re in. Our planet is clearly a part of this process (as are we) and it’s playing out right before our eyes! So unbelievably cool.
Now for the Astro connection of it all, the reason we are looking to the Earth and earthquakes is because Uranus (ruler of earthquakes) is one of the major players and he is in the sign of Taurus, which is the sign of the Earth. Uranus is being squared by a very powerful Mars (explosive energy) as well as the Sun. Powerful energy.
As the eclipse draws closer, the energetic intensity will increase and we will see what we’re already seeing…seismic activity increase. Just how much, is anybody’s guess. (Just while writing this I’ve heard one in Oregon, two in Cali and the latest is a 4.2 in Nebraska. All measuring in the 3-4+ range.)
So when you hear of these earthquakes going on, now you’ll know why… you nerdy nerds too! (you HAVE to be to read along with this stuff!) 😎
On a side note: There are some really neat people out there who have been diligently working for years on earthquake prediction and they’re burning the midnight oil right now. They’re saying the energy from California will roll to the east, bringing the midwest some activity, and then, the East Coast will see some activity.
Soooo… let’s see how they do. πŸ’•
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