August 17, 2018

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Deets Update

I just wanted to pop in with a few little details on where we’re at with the astro weather.
I Hope everyone is doing good and taking it easy. I can’t believe all he “doomsayers” lurking around out there! Holy Tamoly… the headlines alone are enough to scare the bejesus out of you yes? Try not to pay any attention to them. I actually think it’s all part of the transit, they have all this crazy energy going on and don’t know what to do with it so they run around like Chicken Little screaming “the sky is falling!” I’m just ignoring them.Ok so here’s the deets on where everything is: Mercury (communication) will go retrograde at 10pm tonight (Phx) and 1:00am (NY) Be aware that communications are going to be a bit muffled. Computers, phones, or plain old conversations between two people stand a chance of being confused. (for the next three weeks if you see misspellings or you just don’t get what I’m trying to say? It’s Mercury! ha. 😎) Just go slower and be aware.
Then on Friday, the FULL MOON (yes FULL MOON, emotions will be high), will move over Mars (aggression) and eclipse the Sun at 1:20pm Phx, and 4:20pm NY, then square (difficult aspect) Uranus (shock and surprise) in Taurus (Earth). Now remember, this is a 103 minute eclipse so although it will be “exact” at the above times it will take 103 minutes coming and going. I think that’s the way they’re assessing it, from the moment the shadow appears on one side, until it leaves on the other side.
We haven’t seen this powerful of an eclipse in our lifetime so nobody can really say how it will play out (keep that in mind while you see the doomsday crowd squawking about) but we do know emotions will be running high. When we have a “Lunar” eclipse it’s about those things under the surface that we all carry. Lunar eclipses tend to bring them to the surface to bring about healing and needed change so again, be gentle with yourself and those around you.
Once this eclipse peaks, the energy will automatically begin to subside, although we may not feel it on the subtle level, but it will begin to subside.ok back to the grind.


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