August 17, 2018

Eclipse Afterglow

You don’t have to actually “see” an eclipse to feel it’s presence yes? What a fabulous day. I woke up feeling great and have felt that way all day. Aquarian energy is all about the collective, about loving each other and really and truly wanting the best for each other. If you were able to plug into that energy today you truly are becoming a celestial pro at making the energy work for you, and those around you.
If not? Hang on there’s another one coming in two weeks and we can try again. ❤
And to all my Aquarian friends out there (especially that “one” Aquarian Moon friend who’s always going on about wanting everyone to be happy (you know who you are! ❤)… I Love ya darlin! (huuuuuuug) 😘😘😄

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