August 17, 2018

Don’t Ask, Just Get In!

This is going to be me with all my friends this coming week.. Don’t ask.. Just get in! lol 😎
The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, conjoined Mars on the South Node, squaring Uranus, Squaring and opposing the Sun, while Mercury is Retrograde … is almost upon us! (whew)

Don’t ask! Just get in!

However, because I’m a “silver lining” kind of gal, I think it’s all going to be just fine. Seriously, I do! Knowledge is power yes? And understanding that this week is probably going to be a bit intense gives us all the opportunity to decide how we’re going to handle it before it gets here and THAT… is Power. This is like a FULL MOON on Mega Mega MEGA Steroids so it could be fascinating just to watch how it’s going to play out yes?
At the same time there’s a wonderfully uplifting conversation happening between Neptune (spirituality) and Jupiter (expansion) that if consciously engaged, will bring us more feelings of Love, Spiritual protection and warmth (vs “that other stuff”) than we could ever hope for. Meditation, meditation, meditation is key, just close your eyes and let your heart be uplifted. There are so many meditation videos on youtube, just pick one… and close your eyes.
We truly are divinely protected and loved, and this week will go a long way in giving each of us the opportunity to choose what we want to focus on. There is a “lot” packed into this eclipse so at the very least, just try to take it low and slow and give yourself, and everyone else a wide berth.

On a Side Note: I myself will be retreating to the cave, to the Spiritual center, to the place within where nothing……….. Oh wait! That’s right, I said I’d swing by and pick everyone up.
ok, well have your crystals, candles, incense and zafu cushions ready (only have room for one cushion each),I’ll honk 3x’s when I get there (3 is the number of divinity) and just. get. in. k?😎😍

(I have entirely too much time on my hands)

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