August 17, 2018

Celestial Golden Hour

So you know those moments in the day right before the Sun goes down (or rises) and everything seems to take on a different glow (aka sunrise and sunset)? 😎 Well I’ve heard photographers refer to that as the “Golden Hour” when the lighting is perfect and hard not to get a great shot (unless of course you’re me and decide to go to Starbucks before capturing that fabulous Super Moon before it set at 5am… story for another day.) But for a few moments a day the world seems to take on this almost other worldly glow and some of the greatest pictures really can be captured during those small windows of opportunity.
As we move closer to this “edgy” little Eclipse we have going on out there (nothing “little” about it) the Universe is offering us a Celestial Golden Hour of it’s very own. Neptune (Spirituality) and Jupiter (expansion and protection) continue to have this phenomenal conversation with one another and will continue to do so, through to the end of August (going exact on 8/13). All WE have to do, is partake.
It’s that simple.
One of the coolest things I’ve learned from studying Astrology is that the Universe “never” asks us to experience things we are not equipped to experience, AND that somewhere in every single transit… there’s a “jewel” to be found. A place of rest, safety, peace and comfort.
So while everyone else is focusing on all the challenging aspects of this transit (which we all do, as it is a bit challenging yes?) take a moment (or two) to focus on the magnificent Celestial glow that’s being offered as well and see if it doesn’t lift you out of the muck and mire.
Yoga, family, friendships, love, prayer, spiritual books, music, cooking, meditation, petting Moose (yes, you can all come by and pet Moose if you want) will go a surprisingly long way in calming your magnificent Spirit, and you won’t even have to try that hard.
Just take a step toward it, then watch as it lifts you up.
Don’t take my word for it…check it out for yourself. ❤❤❤

ps (I just told Moose he’s going to have company… he ignored me!) 🐈🐾

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