July 18, 2018

To Choose or Not to Choose… That is the Choice

Well here we are folks! This weekend sees the kickoff of the “Uranus into Taurus square Mars” events of the coming week with a bit of a jolt. As Mercury (communication) crosses over Uranus (shock and revolution) while in a tough angle with Mars (war, anger and passion) We’re likely to see some eruptions of anger in the area of “communication” that may take us a bit by surprise! Actually, it may even shock us into muttering “I had no clue!”
Or we may find ourselves being surprised by something that bubbles up from within “ourselves” that we had no idea was bothering us, but now all of a sudden it goes from zero to defcon 1 in a matter of as many seconds! Anything that has to do with how we communicate with one another is up for a bit of a revelation on the 13th that really could surprise the heck out of us. But knowing this energy is coming into play this weekend gives us the opportunity to address it before it arrives, yes? Along with this energy we also have the wonderfully sweet Neptune (spirituality) trining Jupiter (expansion) aspect that’s been growing stronger with each passing day (exact on the 25th) that can offer us a respite in the storm. Not just a respite in the storm but a powerful way of dealing with intense energy that offers healing and transformation. We do indeed have options, Powerful ones! So if you find yourself feeling like your own personal volcano within is erupting (pun intended, sort of) or you see others spewing their own Lava (ok getting ridiculous now) understand there’s some very intense energies going on and cut yourself and others a wide berth. Learning to tune into your “higher self” in the midst of storms not only heals you but also calms the seas for those around you. The power, as always, in your hands.






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